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What is the Best Way to Get Social Security Disability?

Do you need to apply for Social Security Disability? At Lovins Law PLLC, our Social Security attorneys are able to pursue the SSDI benefits you are owed under the law. We serve clients from our offices in Dallas and Austin. Available Methods to File for SSDI The three available ways to file for your SSDI… Read More

Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Social Security Disability Claim

At Lovins Law PLLC, we are your trusted attorneys able to handle your Social Security Disability case and help you secure the benefits you are owed. We offer our services from our law offices in Austin and Dallas, TX. Below we cover some of the mistakes that can hinder you from having your Social Security… Read More

How Does a Personal Injury Settlement Affect Social Security Disability?

It is tough enough to suffer with a disability that inhibits you from working. Another burden is applied for Social Security Disability benefits. But what happens when you were involved in an accident while receiving Social Security Disability? It is important to receive an injury settlement when you have been wronged in a personal injury… Read More

Types of Evidence Needed to Support Your Disability Claim

The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires you to provide proper medical evidence when you file a disability claim that demonstrates you have a disability and its severity. The agency requires medical records from your physician of record in addition to hospitals if you have a signed release. Our Social Security Disability attorneys at Lovins Tosclair… Read More

How to File a Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Disability is a benefit program paid for and operated through the federal government, specifically through the Social Security Administration (SSA). Benefits are distributed by Social Security to persons and their family members who have worked a certain prescribed amount of time and possess a health or medical condition that hinders them from being… Read More

What Disabilities Are Covered Under Social Security?

At Lovins Law PLLC, we handle a wide range of Social Security disability cases and have the adept knowledge and experience to help you with your Social Security disability application process, regardless of whether you have been denied benefits one or more times. We offer effective representation to clients in Austin and Dallas. The Blue Book,… Read More

Social Security Disability and How to Apply

Social Security Disability is a program funded and administered by the federal government through the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). Social Security distributes disability benefits to individuals and members of their families who have worked a sufficient length of time and also have a medical/health condition that inhibits their ability to work or is expected to… Read More