How to File a Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Disability is a benefit program paid for and operated through the federal government, specifically through the Social Security Administration (SSA). Benefits are distributed by Social Security to persons and their family members who have worked a certain prescribed amount of time and possess a health or medical condition that hinders them from being able to work or is expected to prevent them from working for 12 months minimum, or ends in their death. Our Social Security attorneys at Lovins Troscair PLLC are able to handle your Social Security Disability (SSD) case and fight to help you secure the benefits you deserve. We operate from our offices in Austin and Dallas.

Social Security Disability Qualifications

The qualifications to receive SSD benefits include:

  • Being disabled per the SSA definition

  • Being below your full retirement age

  • Being unable to work due to a medical condition which is expected to remain for a minimum of 1 year or result in death

  • Not having partial or short-term disability

Certain family members of disabled workers maybe qualify to secure benefits based on the disabled worker’s work history.

Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

You can file a SSD claim for benefits by calling the SSA or using the SSA website. You can have your application taken over the phone or at an SSA office most convenient to your location.

The SSA has a TTY number for the benefit of individuals hard of hearing or deaf. This number may be used to file during normal business hours.

Applying for SSD benefits online involves completing a few simple steps:

  • Print and look over the Adult Disability Checklist for the information you need to complete the application properly.

  • Fill out the Disability Benefit Application

  • Fill out the Medical Release Form

If your initial application for SSD benefits is denied (which commonly occurs), proceed forward undeterred for as long as necessary to get your application approved. You may even be denied a second time. In some cases, obtaining a hearing in from of an Administrative Law Judge can take a number of months or longer, extending at times to even two years in certain areas.

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