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It’s simple- we get results when others won’t. Since we opened the doors of this firm, the vast majority of our cases have come from attorney referrals, including from other personal injury attorneys. We pride ourselves on taking and successfully resolving difficult cases that other attorneys choose not to prosecute. Below are two examples that we are especially proud of:

  • A personal injury firm referred us a case concerning insufficient security at an apartment complex that resulted in the death of a young boy. The referring firm felt that the likelihood of a six figure recovery was exceptionally low considering the facts and law, and as such, they did not see a reason to invest the time and money into the case that would be necessary to properly prepare it for trial. We gladly accepted the case and aggressively litigated it. We retained multiple expert witnesses and took numerous depositions, including some that occurred out of state. In the end, we were able to settle this matter prior to trial for a confidential amount approximately ten times greater than the referring attorney valued the case. Needless to say, the referring attorney was more than pleased.
  • A personal injury attorney referred us a construction death case because the current state of Texas law made recovery very difficult. The employer of the deceased employee had worker’s compensation, so we needed to establish gross negligence as to his employer in order to recover. There was also a potential claim against the general contractor at the construction site, but Texas law makes such claims exceptionally difficult. Not only were we able to establish the heightened elements of gross negligence against his employer, we were also able to defeat summary judgment on the issue of general contractor contractual control despite very difficult Texas Supreme Court precedent. We settled this matter on the eve of trial for a confidential seven figure amount.

These are just two of the hundreds of cases that have been referred to us since 2010.  But these cases perfectly exhibit what separates us from other firms- we are committed to going the distance on any case we accept even when faced with difficult facts or law. These cases settled because we litigated aggressively and the defense knew we were ready and eager to go to trial. This approach has allowed us to send referring attorneys millions of dollars to date. We also work hard to keep referring attorneys updated on the progress of the case. Most importantly we understand that we are in a position of trust with your client, and we do our best never to endanger that trust. If we are given the chance to represent your client, we will work tirelessly to make sure that you and your client are pleased with the result.


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