Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Social Security Disability Claim

At Lovins Law PLLC, we are your trusted attorneys able to handle your Social Security Disability case and help you secure the benefits you are owed. We offer our services from our law offices in Austin and Dallas, TX. Below we cover some of the mistakes that can hinder you from having your Social Security claim approved.

Filing Incomplete Information

The Social Security Administration (SSA) asks for a significant amount of information from SSD applicants, including information on medical history, employment, and education. If you fail to answer one or more of these questions or provide the necessary information, the process of approving your claim maybe delayed or even lead to a claim denial in some cases.

Filing Incorrect Information

In a disability claim, medical records are the key component used to evaluate the claim. If incorrect information is filed by the applicant, such as doctors’ names that are misspelled, wrong phone numbers or addresses, or misspelled prescription medications, your claim may be delayed or denied. These errors may hinder the reviewer of your claim from assessing your medical condition accurately or accessing important records that can prove your disability.

Conflicting Details in SSD Application

The SSA looks for conflicting information or inconsistencies when reviewing SSD applications. If you make a statement and then make a contradictory statement somewhere else on your application that includes conflicting information or facts, it can cause you problems with your disability review.

Before submitting your claim, ensure that all the answers and details you provide do not contradict one another. Make sure information is consistent and that the details match up accurately, including medical diagnoses and dates.

Missing SSD Application Deadlines

Examiners of disability claims sometimes request more information from applicants through forms they sent in the mail. These forms must be completed and returned according to strict deadlines. These deadlines are often quite short – for instance, 10 days from date of the notice. If you fail to complete a return forms in the prescribed time period, your claim may be denied.

If for some reason you are unable to complete and return forms within the prescribed deadline, it is important to contact SSA to request an extension before the date of the deadline arrives. You may need to contact the disability attorney to help you negotiate an extension to the deadline.

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