Types of Evidence Needed to Support Your Disability Claim

The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires you to provide proper medical evidence when you file a disability claim that demonstrates you have a disability and its severity. The agency requires medical records from your physician of record in addition to hospitals if you have a signed release. Our Social Security Disability attorneys at Lovins Tosclair PLLC have your interests at heart in Dallas, Austin, and beyond when it comes to securing the SSD benefits to which you are entitled under the law.

Your Personal Medical Providers

SSA places special emphasis on the evidence provided through doctors who are currently responsible for your treatment and care. The doctors are listened to closely by the SSA because they normally know your medical history closer than anyone else, including the SSD doctor who may have only seen you one time since your accident. These doctors can hold more weight than others involved in your care. They can provide testimony evidence that is even more compelling than medical records.

Types of Records to Submit

Reports and medical records should include the following:

  • Medical issue diagnosis and problem history
  • Lab results (i.e. x-rays)
  • Clinical exam results
  • Diagnosis of any disabling condition
  • Treatment prescribed to you along with your reaction to it, and your medical prognosis.
  • Statement from the medical provider about your capability or incapability to work based on the medical findings given above – this can include your work-related physical and mental abilities.

Additional evidence you may want to submit, and which may be particularly helpful include evidence of your limitations, test results, and information from physical therapists, social workers, and employers, to name a few.

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