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Being in an auto accident of any sort is a stressful experience. In addition to the trauma of dealing with injuries, recovering compensation for damage to you and your vehicle can be a logistical hassle. In no situation is this hassle greater than when the at-fault driver shirks responsibility by running from the scene of an accident. At Lovins Law we have years of experience dealing with hit and runs, and we will walk you through the options for getting what’s rightfully yours.

If you are the victim in a hit and run case, your first step should be attempting to locate the at-fault driver. Obviously, the perpetrator won’t make an effort to reach out to you, but you have some tools to locate them. Call the police as soon as possible – the fresher the event is in your mind, the more detail you can provide. You should also reach out to any potential witnesses to collect information. Local businesses often have external cameras, which means they could have the accident on tape. Partial information, like half of a license plate number, may prove useful in tracking down the other vehicle.

Even if you cannot locate the other driver, which is often the case, there are multiple avenues for receiving compensation. A lot of Texans don’t even know that two provisions in their insurance policy, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist protection, are designed to help you in situations like a hit and run. These are optional policies, but you must opt out of them before signing up for insurance. Likely, you will have these policies even if you aren’t aware of them. Uninsured motorist insurance is the primary source of victim compensation in the vast majority of hit and run accidents.

Whether you find the at-fault driver or not, you should not be liable for damages caused by a hit and run accident. Talk to the experts at Lovins Law to find out the methods available to you for getting what you deserve.

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