How to Get Paid After a Car Accident in Texas

Under Texas law, when another driver’s negligence causes your car accident, you are eligible to file a claim to recover medical expenses and other accident-related losses. To get paid after a car accident in Texas, you should:

Make Your Health the Priority

Ensuring you visit a healthcare provider and get the treatment you need as soon as possible after a Dallas car crash is key in getting the money you need after an accident. Many injuries seem minor at first but later develop more serious symptoms. And some of these injuries, such as head injuries, can be life-threatening.
In addition, if you do not see a doctor immediately but instead return to work or your normal duties and later develop an issue, it is much more difficult to get paid for your injuries. By seeing a doctor and getting a prompt diagnosis, you can ensure your medical records tie your injuries to the accident and that you did not do anything to cause yourself an injury or to worsen your accident injuries after the crash.

Collect What Evidence You Can

When possible, you want to collect evidence to prove your claim from the scene of the accident. Our team will launch a full investigation later to recover much of the necessary evidence, but you can prevent the loss of certain pieces of evidence by collecting as much as you can at the scene.

Talk to a Dallas Car Accident Attorney

As soon as you are able, make an appointment to discuss your accident with a Dallas car crash lawyer at Lovins Law, PLLC. Our accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning these consultations are free and you pay nothing until they help you win your money.
During this initial consultation, we will analyze the facts of your case and determine what legal options you have to recover compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other losses. From there, we can advise you how we will proceed with your claim and get the money you need.

How will a lawyer help me get paid after a car accident in Texas?

Your lawyer plays a key role in securing the car accident damages you need after a crash. While you could navigate this process yourself, a car accident lawyer at our firm will work to get you the money you need quickly, and save you a lot of worry and stress. As your lawyer, we will:

Act Quickly
As soon as your injuries stabilize, we can begin collecting the evidence to support your payout and prepare to file your insurance claim. Acting quickly is paramount, because Texas law only gives you two years from the date of the crash to file a personal injury lawsuit. Most cases do not require this type of legal action. However, the threat of it, even when unspoken, is often key in motivating the insurance company and the liable driver to settle out of court.

Protect Your Rights
Because of their experience, car accident attorneys in Dallas know the tricks the insurance company uses to deny or reduce a claim and how to avoid them. Even your own insurance company is likely not trustworthy when it comes to protecting your right to compensation. The insurer simply wants to pay out as little as possible, no matter how much the policyholder or another injured party deserves. We are committed to protecting our clients and their right to collect the full compensation they deserve.

Prove Your Claim

To win the money you need, you must show the other driver caused the accident by acting negligently. This requires collecting and presenting a range of evidence to demonstrate his role in the crash while minimizing your contribution to the accident.
Common evidence we use in these cases includes:

We also have the resources to conduct accident reconstructions and analysis.

Calculate the Full Value of Your Losses

Proving the other driver caused the crash is only half the battle. While a negligent driver is responsible for your losses, we must collect and present evidence to prove your accident-related damages as well. Some of these damages are easy to calculate; medical bills, car repair, and lost wages all leave a paper trail we can easily pick up.
We can also identify other accident-related costs you might overlook on your own, such as the cost of parking at your physical therapy appointments or the expense of building a ramp at your home.
You also suffered noneconomic losses that are more difficult to calculate. Pain and suffering is certainly an accident-related injury, but we must rely on how the injury impacted your life and our experience with this type of case to put a monetary value on this loss. Only once we do this can you fully understand the true value of your claim.

Request Compensation from the Insurance Company

After we calculate the value of your case, we can request a settlement from the at-fault party’s liability insurance provider.
We fight for the full value of your claim, helping you maximize your payout and get the cash you need. Often, the insurance company comes back with a lower offer. We negotiate a fair and just settlement that gives you all the cash you need. And we never accept a settlement offer without your approval.

Will I need to go to court to get the money I need after a car accident in Texas?

Many cases never go to court. We can usually negotiate a maximum settlement for our clients without having to file a car accident lawsuit against the liable driver. When the insurance company refuses a fair settlement or attempts to deny the claim outright, further legal action is necessary.
Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to take your claim to court after a car accident in Texas. We can help you get the money you deserve.

Contact a Texas Car Accident Lawyer at Lovins Law, PLLC

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