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Oil Field Deaths And Other Workplace Fatalities On the Rise

According to the Wall Street Journal, a staggering 142 oilfield workers died on the job last year.  And this number is expected to rise as the numbers are revised, likely making 2014 the deadliest year for oilfield workers since 1993.  This rise in fatalities is not limited to oilfield workers, however. Overall workplace fatalities have… Read More

Bethany Jai Clark Killed By Austin Capital Metro Bus

Capital Metro previously reported that one of their buses struck and killed a pedestrian in North Austin. It is now known that the pedestrian was 20 year old Bethany Jai Clark and the bus driver was 56 year old Ronnie Calvert. The preliminary investigation notes that Ms. Clark was struck by the bus as it attempted… Read More

William Edwards Killed In 18 Wheeler Accident in Terrell, TX

William Edwards was killed when an 18 wheeler collided into the rear of his car while traveling on Interstate 20 in Terrell, TX.  The investigation into the collision indicates that a prior collision involving a Fed Ex truck caused traffic to slow in the area.  Gurwinder Singh, who was driving an 18 wheeler, failed to brake… Read More

Lovins Law Files Suit For Injured Oilfield Worker

The personal injury lawyers at Lovins Law have been retained by an oilfield worker injured while on the job site in Louisiana.  At the time of the injury, Plaintiff was part of a work crew lifting 32 foot long drilling pipe.  We allege in the lawsuit that Plaintiff was successfully lifting the pipe with a strap… Read More


It is a daily occurrence in my profession as a personal injury lawyer to see lives destroyed by unnecessary, preventable acts. But fewer things are more senseless and unnecessary than tragedies caused by texting while driving. Yet, as each year passes, texting plays a role in more and more of the cases my firm handles. Even in the… Read More

Protect Your Rights: Workplace Injuries

Many people are familiar with workers compensation. However, many employers do not have workers compensation insurance. What this means for employees is that, if you get hurt at work, your employer may not pay for your medical bills and lost wages that result from your injury. In some cases, employers have a different type of insurance… Read More

“Respecting the Seventh Amendment”

Linked below is a good article discussing the importance our founders placed on the jury civil trial and the threat this fundamental right faces in our current political climate.  Forced arbitration clauses and caps on damages are only the first steps in stripping away this constitutionally protected right.  Legislatures throughout the country are doing everything they… Read More

A Police Officer Crash Report Is Just The Beginning Of The Investigation

All too often accident victims, personal injury lawyers, and insurance adjusters place too much emphasis on the fault determination contained in a police report.  As a result, accident victims with meritorious claims are frequently denied the compensation they deserve.   There are many reasons why a police report can be wrong.  For example, if one person is… Read More