Wrong Way Down a One-Way Street

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Sarah Elizabeth Reaves was killed after crashing into an 18-wheeler truck in Jackson County, Mississippi, near Ocean Springs. At first, this sounds like a typical 18-wheeler vs. small vehicle collision. However, there’s one important caveat: Reaves was driving the wrong way down the street.

One-way driving is usually indicated by a sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of travel for that street. Occasionally, by driver error or a hard-to-see road sign, a driver will travel the wrong direction on a one-way street. This is a traffic violation that can lead to you receiving a ticket. Generally, fines for this type of violation are in the $100–$200 range. However, if the sign for the one way wasn’t visible, or there was another logical reason for traveling in the wrong direction and the driver isn’t intoxicated, a lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped.

If you are given a large fine or have points added to your license, a lawyer can get the charges dropped or the fine lowered. While many go into the courtroom alone at the mercy of the prosecutor and the judge, it is always better to have someone who understands the law by your side.

In Texas, fines for driving the wrong way on a one way can range from $1–$200, or two points can be added to your license. If you find yourself wrongly given a ticket or have had points added for driving in the opposite direction of a one way, contact a lawyer to help you. If the one-way sign wasn’t visible, or if there’s another logical conclusion for your action, you may be eligible to drop the points or fines.

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