Life-Saving Tips to Avoiding Accidents with 18-Wheelers

Accidents involving large trucks are often devastating. For every 100 deaths, 98 happen in a car, not a 18-wheeler. However, there are ways you can avoid collisions and keep the passengers in your car safe! Below are some tips for safely sharing the road with large trucks.

Keep Your Distance

Following the general rule of thumb of staying four-car lengths behind a semi not only helps you remain visible of the truck driver, but it puts a safer distance between you and the truck, should it lose control. Also, keep in mind that extreme rain and snowy conditions can decrease a truck driver’s visibility.

Safely Pass a Semi Truck

On two-way roads, it is often dangerous to attempt to pass a semi truck. If you decide to pass, never make the attempt on roads with many hills or curves. On freeways, do not speed past a truck or pull in front of it. It’s safer to maintain a constant speed while in the passing lane and pass when you are approximately six or seven car lengths ahead.

Trucks Need More Space to Turn

Trucks require much more space for right turns, and they are often unable to see other vehicles when turning right. Motorcyclists and bicyclists should also be mindful of this and should never slip past the right side of a semi while it is turning.

When a Truck Driver Is Driving Dangerously

If you witness a semi truck driver driving in an unsafe manner, there’s a phone number on the truck that you can use to report the driver. If you choose to make the report, pull over to a safe place before calling.

Crashes with semi trucks can be devastating. By following these key driving tips, you can keep yourself, and your family, safer on the roads.

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