How do I Prepare for an Initial Consult?

Many people feel apprehensive before meeting with an attorney for the frst time. For most of us, legal matters are unfamiliar territory. But at Lovins Law, all of our lawyers are laid-back and friendly. We are serious about what we do, but we prefer to save formality for the courtroom. We also understand that the whole process can feel overwhelming, especially if you are still dealing with injuries or the grief of losing a loved one.

When you’ve been injured and are first meeting an attorney, there are two things to expect. First, this meeting is really a two-way interview. The attorney is going to ask a lot of questions to decide whether they will take your case, but it is also important that you interview the attorney, as well. You are never under the obligation to hire an attorney you don’t like or feel uncomfortable with. Ask as many questions as you need.

Our attorney will gather a lot of information from in order to fully evaluate your case. Be ready to give a detailed description of the incident that caused your injuries. Bring the following:

Remember, our attorneys are always on your side. It is our job to advocate for you and to protect your interests. We are eager to help you move on with your claim and with your life. Contact us today for your initial consultation.