How To Apply For Social Security Disability in Terrell

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Getting disability benefits can be a difficult process. The very first step in the process- submitting an application- can be a challenge on its own. Fortunately, there are multiple options available for people that need to apply. 

Using A Terrell Attorney To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits.

The best option continues to be using an attorney to assist you with your application for disability benefits. Using an attorney increases your chances of getting approved. Even small mistakes in your application can lead to your claim being denied even if you are disabled.  A qualified disability attorney can make sure you do not make those mistakes.

Also, you do not have to pay a disability attorney to help with your application. Our Terrell Social Security disability attorneys only get paid if we win, and our fee is paid from back pay owed to you. The Social Security Administration also has strict rules on the fees attorneys can charge.  As a general rule, fees are capped at 25% of any back pay benefits you are entitled up to $6000. So, if your case is approved at any point in the disability claim process from the application through hearing stage, you know your fee will never exceed $6000, and that fee will only be paid out of disability back pay benefits you are owed.  You never come out of pocket to pay our disability attorneys.

Since the likelihood your application is approved increases with an attorney in addition to the protections in place limiting the amounts and ways a lawyer can charge you, there is no good reason not to call our Terell Disability attorneys today to start your application.

Filing Your Application Online

If you chose to fill out the application on your own, you can do it online. If you have a good internet connection, this is probably the second best option. You can set up an account and enter the needed information at your own pace. Once the application is submitted a Social Security representative will contact you if additional information is needed. You will also be asked to submit a signed release allowing the administration to get your medical records. It is important to remember, however, that Social Security employees are not your advocates. Keep in mind at all times that they are not trying to make sure you win. The process for filing an application online can be found at this link: Online Application

Going To A Social Security Field Office to File Your Application.

A final option for filing your Social Security disability application is to go to a Social Security field office and apply in person. There are a few down sides to this approach, however. For example, you must schedule an appointment, which can take weeks or months. If you do not have the correct information when you appear for your hearing, you will need to schedule another appointment to finish the application. And lastly, there may not be a field office close to you. However, if this is the option that is best for you, click the following link to find the nearest filed office to you: Field Office Locator

Important Steps To Take Before Beginning the Application Process

However you decide to get your Social Security disability application filed, you need to prepare before you begin this process. First, make sure you meet the basic requirement for Social Security disability. There is simply no reason to go through the difficult process of applying for Social Security disability benefits if you do not even meet the basic requirements. A basic description of the requirements you need to meet to be considered disabled can be found here: Basic Requirements for Disability benefits. 

Second, make sure you have all the information necessary to thoroughly complete the application.  Remember failing to thoroughly and accurately complete the application can hurt your chances of receiving benefits.  Click the following link for a quick checklist of the information you will need to complete you application: Checklist for Disability Application.

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