Houston Chronicle Shines Light On Drastic Increase In Gas and Oil Field Injuries

The Houston Chronicle has been doing a great job of shining a bright light on some of the negative consequences of the oil and gas boom we are experiencing here in America, specifically the drastic increase in deaths and injuries in our oil and gas fields.  Clearly the increase in new jobs is a positive consequence of the oil and gas drilling boom, especially following one of the worst recessions in our country’s history.  But this progress is not without a price.  And unfortunately, that price is severe injuries and death to a growing number of gas and oil field workers.

In the Houston Chronicle’s latest reporting concerning the rise oilfield injuries, they focus on employers that are the worst offenders in regards to on the job injuries and deaths.  Some of these numbers are simply staggering.  The question is who is watching out for the workers of these companies? Clearly the companies do not place safety as a priority. If government regulators are supposed to ensure worker safety, they are clearly asleep at the wheel.  Here is just an example of the injuries and deaths since 2007 that the Houston Chronicle uncovered in just a hand full of companies: Nabors Industries, Inc. had 286 claims and six deaths; Basic Energy services, Inc. had 374 claims and four deaths; SPN Fairway Acquisitions, Inc. had 181 claims and one death; Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. had 217 claims and six fatalities. This is just a small sample of the disturbing facts the Houston Chronicle uncovered.   For more information on this story, click the link below.

The fact that too many oil and gas drilling companies do not place a premium on safety is why it is so important to have capable oil field injury attorneys, like the attorneys at Lovins Trosclair, that can hold these companies accountable in a court of law for their actions.  If you are a loved one suffered a gas and oil field injury, call our attorneys today for a free consultation.