Isn’t every lawyer in the phonebook or internet the same?

Picking a lawyer is a personal decision. It’s important to find a lawyer that is right for you. As we say on our home page- the right lawyer matters. When picking a lawyer, it is certainly important to avoid two scenarios.

First, make sure you pick a lawyer that has the experience you need. The Dallas personal injury attorneys at Lovins Law have a vast amount of experience handling personal injury cases of every type, from auto accidents, to medical malpractice, to nursing home abuse, to construction site accidents, to wrongful deaths, just to name a few. This experience is important to achieve a beneficial resolution.

Second, many firms simply treat clients as numbers- just one of many in a settlement mill where paralegals, rather than attorneys, handle the cases. At Lovins Law, every case is assigned to an attorney from the second the case hits our doors. Each case is given the attention of an experienced personal injury attorney that has handled your type of case in the past. You are not simply a “number” to us farmed out to a paralegal. And unlike many firms, the names partners in this firm actually work on the cases and do not simply act as marketing tools.

If you review our educational background and professional experience, I believe you will see that the Dallas personal injury attorneys at Lovins Law are the right attorneys for you, so do not leave chance to a random name in a phonebook.