How do I know if I qualify as disabled?


Meeting the criteria to qualify as disabled is a complicated multi-step process. The easiest way to see if you qualify as disabled is for your condition or impairment to meet Social Security’s disability listings (often referred to as the blue book) that contain many different conditions. A claimant must meet one (or better yet, several) of these specific conditions, based on documented medical evidence.

A claimant’s condition must also qualify as “severe,” meaning that their condition is severe enough to prevent them from performing substantial gainful activity and earning a livable wage at their current job. It must also prevent the claimant from performing any of their past jobs from the last 15 years. Should the claimant be disqualified from working these past jobs, the SSA will then examine whether or not the claimant can perform any other jobs that fit their education, training, and age restrictions.

Additionally, the SSA must determine that your severe condition(s) will last for 12 months or longer. Any ailment or condition not expected to last that long will be denied.