Do I Even Need a Dallas Attorney to File for Disability?

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Nothing is more frustrating than going through the social security application process. For many people, the pain of going through the process can be greater than the pain of obtaining the injury. That’s why we’ve drawn from the experiences of our multitude of clients and provided a few insights to help you expedite your claim process.


Before you start your application, you need to gather as much data as possible. Start by getting all historical information necessary to your claim. This includes work history, medical history, and a history of all your daily activities. The sooner this information is gathered, the more efficient your process will be.

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Make sure you don’t skimp on information. Every detail matters when dealing with the Social Security Administration. You’ll want to go back 15 years of your work history and provide titles, descriptions, dates, and pay for all relevant work experience. For medical records, seek out all information dating back to the beginning of your disability.


Take matters into your own hands and gather this paperwork on your own. Leaving it up to the government typically means your claim process could not only be lengthened, but also weakened. The Social Security Administration doesn’t have the same information or interest in your case as you do. By gathering documentation yourself, you can cut down on time and increase the accuracy of the information given to disability examiners, strengthening your claim.

The disability process can wear you down if you let it, but following these tips will help. If you have other questions or concerns about your claim, contact us today. We have specialists who work with Social Security every day and are here to help you get the most out of your situation.

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