Case Highlight: Wrongful Death by 18-Wheeler Truck

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In 2014, the life of one of our clients changed in an instant. She and her husband were driving on the interstate when they approached a traffic jam and began to slow down. As they came to a stop with the rest of traffic, they were all of a sudden struck by a double-trailer 18-wheeler truck that plowed into the back of their small car.

The damage from the crash was catastrophic. The whole driver’s side, where our client’s husband sat, was torn apart. The car was pushed over 100 feet past the point of impact. Investigating officers described it as one of the worst accident scenes they ever witnessed, and they did not expect to find anyone alive. While our client was badly injured, she survived the accident, but her husband, unfortunately, did not. In addition to suffering spinal injuries and head trauma, she now also had to cope with the unthinkable pain of losing her husband and life partner of over 20 years.

Our client’s physical injuries were severe and debilitating, giving her constant lower back and neck pain that required multiple surgical procedures. Yet, the sheer tragedy of the accident was made worse by the fact that it was completely avoidable. While examining the scene of the wreck, police officers found that the truck driver had been using his phone before the crash and didn’t see the stopped traffic until the last second. Our client’s life was turned completely upside down by the careless actions of one individual. We spared nothing in our effort to help her out. We hired multiple experts and quickly filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and trucking company in federal court, the entire time ensuring that she received the medical care she needed to physically and mentally recover from this wreck as best she could.

After over a year of litigation, with multiple experts consulted, thousands of pages of evidence gathered, and numerous depositions taken, we were able to successfully resolve the case. While this lawsuit did not and could not replace the love of our client’s husband, we were able to do something that helped her move on with her life: we held the driver accountable for the tremendous harm he caused. Our client sincerely hopes that the outcome of her case sent a message to this trucking company: that they must ensure that their trucks are being operated safely and are not an unnecessary danger to society.

Too many trucking companies focus only on their profits, and their biggest worry is getting a truck from point A to point B as quickly as possible in order to increase their bottom line. Since most of these companies only speak the language of money, sometimes the only way to send a message to them is to speak that same language right back to them — that is, by hitting them in their pocket books.

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