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Whiplash injuries are common in rear-end collisions. However, almost any car accident can cause the neck to whip back and forth beyond its usual range of motion. This impact damages the soft tissue of the neck and upper spine, often causing chronic pain and other ongoing symptoms.
If another driver caused the car accident that led to your injuries, a whiplash injury lawyer in Austin may be able to help you recover compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call the Austin office of Lovins Law, PLLC today at 512-535-1649 to schedule a time to discuss your accident and injuries with one of our knowledgeable Austin car accident attorneys.

What is the first thing I need to do if I believe I am suffering from whiplash?

Go to the doctor. In addition to protecting you physically, this is key to getting the compensation you need to cover your medical bills when you file a claim.
Make sure you explain that you were involved in a car accident so the doctor can determine if your whiplash was a direct result of your accident.

Why is proving whiplash so difficult?

Many people assume it is less serious than it is.

Whiplash has a stigma attached to it. When many people think of whiplash, they think of shady characters trying to milk the insurance company for everything they can get.
Whiplash can be a very serious condition that can affect sufferers for the rest of their lives. But given this perception, whiplash sufferers may face additional obstacles to getting compensation for their damages. Our lawyers can help overcome these obstacles by getting the right evidence to connect your injuries to your accident and establish the value of your damages.

Even minor accidents can cause serious whiplash.

Some people suffer severe whiplash from a seemingly minor collision and never fully recover; others in major collisions feel better in a few weeks.
Imagine you developed a severe case of whiplash from a parking lot accident. The insurer will likely claim that there is no way you could have suffered a severe injury in a parking lot. Thus, you will need thorough medical records and other evidence to prove the severity of your injuries.

It is complex.

Because whiplash often affects more than one type of soft tissue, these injuries are complex and differ from case to case. Suffering whiplash can also lead to other conditions, including joint dysfunction in the spine, disc herniation in the neck, and even mental impairments. Go to the doctor even if you believe your injuries are minor; you might discover more serious injuries and creating a record of your injuries helps you connect the injuries to your accident.

Soft-tissue injuries do not always show up on imaging scans.

In some cases, proving your injury is easy. If you break your leg, you can simply show the insurer an x-ray and prove it then and there. With whiplash injuries, it is rarely ever that easy.
Instead, you might need a pain journal, x-rays, CT scans, expert testimony, and testimony from your family members, coworkers, employer, etc.
We know how difficult proving whiplash can be, but we have experience doing so for our clients. We know which routes to take to ensure the insurer recognizes your condition and gives you the compensation you need.

What are the costs of treating and living with a whiplash injury in Austin?

Most people who suffer whiplash injuries have a mild to moderate case that requires only a diagnosis by the doctor and over-the-counter pain medication for treatment.
Those who do not feel better in a week or so may have a more serious injury that calls for prescription pain medication, physical therapy, or even surgery. All these costs can add up quickly.
Victims with more serious cases of whiplash may take up to 12 weeks to recover. Some continue to deal with chronic pain for years. Many miss work while they recover from whiplash injuries, which could mean days or even weeks of lost wages. For those who suffer from lingering chronic pain, returning to their previous job may be difficult. This might require you take a lesser-paying job or even retire completely, making it impossible to pay your monthly bills, let alone your new and future medical expenses.
Fortunately, if another driver was responsible for the accident that caused your whiplash, you can file a claim and recover compensation from his insurance policy.

How can a whiplash injury lawyer help me get the money I need?

Standing up against an insurer, especially with such a complex, difficult injury, can be overwhelming. A whiplash injury lawyer in Austin from Lovins Law, PLLC will help prove you suffer from whiplash and defend you against attacks from the insurance company to ensure you get the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills, cover lost wages, and more.
The best thing you can do is focus on your medical treatment, continue following your doctor’s advice, keep a journal of how your pain and limited mobility affects your work and other activities, and to give us a call at 512-535-1649.
We will use all the documentation of your accident injuries from your doctor and your notes about your impairments to fight for a full payout, including a fair sum for pain and suffering. If we cannot negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, we can file a lawsuit to collect the compensation you need to cover your bills.

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