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Arlington Construction Accident Attorneys


At Lovins Law our Arlington construction accidents attorneys understand that working in the construction industry puts workers at great risk of injury. In fact, it is the most dangerous industries for workers today. If you have been injured while performing your job, it is important that you consult with a skilled Arlington construction accident lawyer right away. While some of your costs may be covered by workers’ compensation, you may be eligible for additional damages.

While you may think being compensated for your injuries is a fairly straightforward process, especially if your employer subscribes to worker’s compensation, these issues are often extremely complex. Our Arlington construction accidents lawyers know that often times a third party may be held accountable, such as the manufacturer of a piece of machinery or equipment if that equipment directly caused your injury. In addition, these cases are governed by certain state and federal regulations, including those set forth by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Whether you were working in the capacity of an employee, contractor or sub-contractor, you need the experience and knowledge of a competent Arlington construction accidents attorney on your side, to ensure that you receive all of the compensation you deserve. At Lovins Law, our lawyers are aggressive, skilled and capable; we work diligently to protect the legal rights of our clients, and to ensure that those who are negligent are held liable.

Simply the nature of the job puts workers at risk. In the construction industry, it is common to use ladders, scaffolding, electrical equipment, heavy equipment such as tractors or backhoes, etc. In addition, workers often work at great heights when constructing or repairing multi-level buildings, which put them at risk of a fall. No matter how you were injured, it is important that you discuss your case with a trusted Arlington construction accident lawyer who can work to determine the potential value of your case, and which party or parties may be held responsible.

As experienced Arlington construction accident attorneys, we realize that the costs associated with being injured on the job can reach much farther than just medical expenses. You may be unable to work, which results in lost wages. You may experience emotional or psychological trauma, or long-term medical costs if you are disabled or require rehabilitation. When you need a reputable Arlington construction accident attorney, count on the professionals at Lovins Law for unparalleled legal guidance and representation.

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