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Looking Both Ways Before You Cross May Not Be Enough

Pedestrian Accidents can happen quickly when attempting to walk across the street, even when you follow the rules. In our car based society, car accidents involving pedestrians are a daily occurrence. Texas pedestrian accidents happen quite frequently, with approximately 450 people killed in pedestrian accidents each year in Texas and thousands of others injured. The causes of pedestrian accidents are not any different from those only involving automobiles: excessive speed, failing to pay proper attention, failing to yield the right of way, or failing to properly brake. In larger cities such as Dallas and Austin, where pedestrians are on every street corner and car traffic is high, the risks to pedestrians are great. If you or a loved one is unfortunate enough to be involved in a pedestrian accident, call the Dallas and Austin pedestrian accident attorneys at Lovins Law today at 214-484-1930.

A Pedestrian Accident Is Not Just Another Car Wreck

A pedestrian accident is quite different from a traditional car accident for obvious reasons- a pedestrian does not have the added protection of thousands of pounds of steel to protect them from the impact.  Also, it is unlikely that a pedestrian can outmaneuver or take steps to avoid a quickly approaching vehicle. As such, the injuries that result from these types of accidents are often severe. Broken arms, broken legs, paralysis, neck injuries, back injuries, fractured skulls, internal injuries, and wrongful death are common injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents. The Dallas and Austin pedestrian accident attorneys at Lovins Law have the necessary experience with these types of injuries to get you the compensation you deserve, including compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. If a loved one was killed as a result of a pedestrian accident, let pedestrian accident attorneys help you recover your wrongful death damages, including lost income, medical bills, funeral bills, and loss of companionship.

Talk To An Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney Before You Accept A Low Ball Settlement

If everyone followed basic traffic rules, pedestrian accidents should only rarely occur. So, odds are if you were involved in a Texas pedestrian accident, someone was negligent and failed to follow basic driving rules. When dealing with negligent driver’s insurance company, they will likely do their best to convince you that you were in fact the negligent party, attempting to persuade you that you were not in the crosswalk or that you entered the cross walk against the signal. Even if the insurance company accepts liability, they will still do their best to limit the amount they pay you by offering a quick settlement for an amount below what you are owed. Your medical bills will likely be high and your pain and suffering will be immense, so do not do yourself a disservice by accepting a lowball settlement prior to talking to our pedestrian accident attorneys. Let us protect your rights.

Each type of personal injury case has their unique laws and factual circumstances, so it is important to hire a car wreck attorney that also has experience with pedestrian accidents as well. The attorneys at Lovins Law have that experience. Call us today at 214-484-1930.

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